Our Approach

Custom designed letterpress wedding invitations are a great way to fully express the style and mood of your ceremony. The look of letterpress printing lends an essence of old fashioned charm and romance to the classic invitation and stationery. We create uniquely customized designs that are truly a work of art. The weight and refined texture of the paper, combined with impeccable printing quality lends a luxuriously elegant feel to all of our letterpress invitations and stationery designs.

The Little Magic Cards “Paperazzi” Stationery line is where paper meets fashion.

This stationery line fuses the sensation of fashionable fabrics with modern graphic designs to create a unique invitation experience.

What is Letterpress?

Letterpress printing is a relief printing process, using inked raised letters and images pressed onto paper. A rubber stamp is a simple example of a relief process. Relief printing is one of the oldest printing methods, first appearing in China in the 2nd century A.D.

Letterpress has recently undergone a revival. The beauty and texture appeals to brides and has been featured in many wedding magazines.